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Brass Group offers the following products and services:
  • research and education programmes
  • patient and disease registers,
    safety / security tests
  • medical telemarketing services
  • market research (CATI, CAWI, focus group)
  • mobile applications
  • ATL and BTL advertising services
  • conference and event management services

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Grupa Brass oferuje

Brass PLF System

PLF is a tool of our own design to manage observational studies,
market research and education programmes online.
PLF makes it possible to:
  • register researchers and project educators;
  • manage projects (to be used by managers and company representatives)
  • manage educator and researcher accounts
  • monitor project implementation online 24/7
    (access via individual login and password).

Augmented Reality

Here at Brass, we have been expanding our portfolio of products
and services by implementing mobile application projects,
including AR (Augmented Reality) projects, i.e. projects to build
applications that integrate the real world with a computer generated reality.

Hologram Hostess / Interactive
walls / Games

The Brass portfolio includes modern and non-standard projection
techniques (e.g. hologram hostesses and interactive walls).
These offer such benefits as product and corporate information
presented in an attractive manner with user interaction.

In cooperation:
ATL / BTL / Advertising
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